Luxury Condo Design: Minimalism, Statement Pieces & Best Lighting For Condos

Interior Design Tips for Luxury Condos

Interior design for luxury condos can take a different approach than other property types. These spaces often have unique features, and it takes a skilled eye to make the most of them. From high rises with gorgeous views to sprawling multi-floor units, learn how to create a decor scheme that showcases the condo to its best potential.

Don't Overdo It

Often, a minimalist approach will have the most dramatic impact. Start by filling essential needs in the most luxurious and pleasing way possible. Choosing well when it comes to the basics makes it far easier to fill in the rest of the condo's space well. Tackle one element at a time.

Start with lighting. A combination of overhead chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps and hidden lighting can light each condo section just right. Consider creating small settings with lighting and furniture. For instance, an intimate reading nook can be created with lush seating, pillows, and the warm light of a table lamp. Look for seating that works well together. Items don't necessarily have to match; complementary colours and textures can add drama while breaking up a space.

A reality of condo ownership is that you're often working with a smaller space than the average single-family home. This causes condo owners to try to do too much with the space, but avoiding this is one of the keys to achieving a luxurious condo.

Play to the Unit's Strengths

Most luxury condos have features in them already that are meant to be pleasing to the eye. Identify which of those to showcase.

For instance, large windows with stunning views demand seating arrangements that make it easy to spend time gazing at the scenery. Consider a combination of sheer curtains for daytime use and more opaque ones if privacy is needed at night.

If floors are in luxury materials like hardwood or glossy marble, a few scattered area rugs can add colour and warmth without removing luxury surfaces.

Make a Statement

Large Plants Can Draw The Eye in a Room

Large statement items can help pull together open-format spaces or high-ceilinged rooms. Think about what elements can help you pull the area together to suit the space and your sense of style.

An oversized chandelier can make a great focal piece in a room. Modern lighting features come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Like the look of shining chrome and glass? Or are warmer, natural materials like wood and silk more your style? Experiment with a few ideas. Choosing one can help inspire the rest of the pieces for your space.

Large indoor plants can add fresh lushness to a space. Talk with designers experienced with plants to see which ones will work well with your condo's lighting and space. Too dim for live plants? Look into artificial arrangements. Modern silk plants have come a long way. High-quality ones are indistinguishable from the real thing.

Oversized pieces of art can also make stunning focal points in luxury accommodations. Both paintings and sculptures can have a significant impact. This is your chance to support a favourite artist while achieving your desired look in your featured rooms.

Colour, Lighting, and Contrast

Colour and lighting set the stage for the look and feel of every room. Don't feel that you have to follow established rules. Instead, choose a palette that fits your taste and style.

Many people opt for light neutral colours in luxury spaces. This can be a great way to introduce more light to a room since pale colours reflect any natural or artificial lighting you introduce.

Additional light can be brought inside with mirrors and reflective surfaces on tables and accessories. Discreetly add fill lighting with small, recessed lighting placed throughout the room.

Even if you opt for neutral colours in most of the unit, consider adding some contrasting shades for emphasis. For instance, a deep plum can be great for making an impact on a large wall within the luxury condo. Warm reds and oranges can make dining areas feel welcoming and exciting. You can also consider painting a bold colour in a smaller space, such as an entryway or hallway.

Several online paint visualizers will let you experiment with paint colours before you start. Just upload photos of the space, then try out different paint colours to see which ones fit the general look and feel you want for this luxury dwelling.

Don't forget the power of texture, as well. For instance, a deep, thick rug can offer a luxurious contrast over marble or hardwood floors. Go for knobby natural textures in planters, baskets, and pillows. Add some drama with knotted macrame or luxe velvet.

Deck Out Your Luxury Condo

A luxury condo can be a challenging space for any designer. But once you create a look and theme, the place will come together naturally. Be bold and go with the elements you enjoy most while incorporating condo design ideas that make more space. Look at the light and space and determine what needs to be added to make each area comfortable and inviting. Once a few key elements are in place, you'll know what the area needs to showcase your luxury home's best attractions and features.

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