Affordable Ottawa Neighbourhoods: 8 Affordable Communities in Ottawa, ON

Ottawa Most Affordable Neighbourhoods

For homebuyers considering moving to Ottawa, Ontario, finding affordable neighbourhoods in the capital city can be the key to making the most of your living experience here. Ottawa offers a variety of budget-friendly areas that provide excellent value without compromising on amenities. Whether you're looking for vibrant communities, access to public transportation, or proximity to parks and schools, there are several options to consider. Discover the best places to live in Ottawa without breaking the bank.

Where to Find Cheap Condos in Ottawa

Where Are Ottawa's Affordable Condos?

The average price for condos in Ottawa typically falls in the mid-$400s, about $150,000 less than the average price for a single-family home. While the location of a given condo plays a significant role in price, several Ottawa neighbourhoods are known for their affordable condo options.

Viscount Alexander Park

Located on the east end of Ottawa in the Rideau-Rockcliffe Ward, Viscount Alexander Park is primarily made up of condos, though a number of detached homes are spread around the community. This neighbourhood’s location is convenient to the Rockcliffe Airport and is a small, close-knit community.

The Ottawa River forms the northern edge of Viscount Alexander Park, so water sports, including boating and fishing, are common pastimes. Many condos on higher floors have views of the river, which is a perk of shopping in this neighbourhood. Homes in Viscount Alexander Park typically average in the mid-$400s, with condos starting in the $200s and topping out in the $600s. 

Though this neighbourhood is small, it has many local parks and green spaces. Thornecliffe Park is the largest of these, and Wing Officer Willa Walker Park, which features sports courts and a splash pad, is another popular gathering place. The Newfoundland Pub is a popular spot to eat, known for its fish and chips and friendly bar atmosphere. Pilos Restaurant serves Greek specialty dishes and is a local favourite.

Viscount Alexander Park is named for Harold, Viscount Alexander of Tunis, who served as Governor General of the country from 1946 to 1952. The area once housed the Canadian Forces Base Rockcliffe, and the land that was once the military base is now shared between the airport and an aviation museum.

Viscount Alexander Park Amenities

  • Canadian Aviation and Space Museum
  • Montfort Hospital
  • Hiking in the Aviation and Rockcliffe Parkways
  • Minutes from downtown Ottawa
  • Public transportation via OC Transpo routes

ByWard Market

Known for its shopping, nightlife, and galleries, ByWard Market’s condos put residents near all of the action of one of the city’s most famous neighbourhoods. Part of ByWard Market’s appeal is its central location, which is just across the Rideau Canal from Downtown Ottawa and the Golden Triangle neighbourhood

ByWard Market gets its name from one of the oldest farmers’ markets in the country. In 1826, Lieutenant-Colonel John By established the market. He also built the Rideau Canal, and the market served as a commercial district for the people building the canal. Over time, more businesses and residential properties developed around it, and the neighbourhood became quite established. Homes in Byward Market are usually priced from the $200s to the $800s, though the rare detached home can top $1.5 million. 

Many of the original buildings still stand, making it a visually appealing, historic community. The ByWard Market Square still hosts the farmer’s market, but it has evolved into an artisan market and a place to buy fresh produce.

The market isn’t the only hot spot here. After the sun sets, live music can be heard from the Rainbow Bistro. Residents also often grab a drink at Chateau Lafayette, affectionately known as The Laff, which happens to be the city’s oldest bar.

ByWard Market Amenities

  • Walkable, mixed-use development
  • Independent shops and boutiques along Sussex Drive
  • Royal Canadian Mint and Boutique
  • Location of National Arts Centre


Located in the heart of Ottawa, Centretown has a number of condos for sale, including both low and high-rise options. This area is established, which means there are historic properties and mature trees throughout. The neighbourhood’s name is derived from its central location, and while homes in Centretown can exceed $1.5 million, the vast majority are priced from $300,000 to the $800s.

One of the top spots to visit in Centretown is Bank Street, which runs north to south through the neighbourhood. This area is packed with local shops and places to eat. Burgers n’ Fries Forever is a favourite of locals with its Canadian take on burgers. Flora Hall Brewing is a popular place to grab a drink.

Not far from the homes in Centretown is Lansdowne Park, which boasts green space, historic buildings, the TD Place arena, and many shops to explore. It also hosts a Sunday morning farmers’ market for local produce and art.

This neighbourhood is part of Ottawa’s Central Walking District. Many of the businesses, shops, and restaurants in Centretown and the surrounding neighbourhoods are located within walking distance of its residential areas. Those who cannot walk to their destination will find bus routes nearby to make getting around town convenient.

Centretown Amenities

  • Oversight from the Centretown Citizens Community Association
  • Canadian Museum of Nature
  • Outdoor recreation at Dundonald Park and Jack Purcell Park
  • Location along the Rideau Canal

Where to Find Cheap Townhomes in Ottawa

Where Are Ottawa's Affordable Townhomes?

Townhomes and row units are common throughout Ottawa. These properties typically offer lower prices than most single-family homes but slightly more space than most condos. Prices for townhomes in Ottawa range from the lower $300s to over $900,000, depending on their location, amenities, and level of trim. The size and features of a townhome can also impact its price. For buyers shopping for affordable townhomes, these are the top neighbourhoods to look at.

Hunt Club

Hunt Club is in the southern portion of Ottawa. This suburban neighbourhood is named after the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club, which is located within its borders. It sits to the north of the MacDonald-Cartier International Airport with the Ottawa River as its eastern edge. While Hunt Club has a wide range of real estate options, townhomes are common here. Homes in Hunt Club can top $2 million, rivalling some of Ottawa's most expensive communities, but the neighbourhood’s condos and townhomes typically list from the $300s to the $900s.

The Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club opened its doors in 1908. It remains one of the most prestigious clubs in Ottawa, offering golf, curling, and dining options. The club is a hot spot for weddings and large events.

One of the main features of Hunt Club is the South Keys Shopping Centre, an outdoor mall with stores, dining, and a theatre. This shopping district also has the local Wal-Mart, which offers basic supplies for everyday living. For entertainment, the Centre is home to the Cineplex Odeon South Keys Cinema.

While the golf course is Hunt Club's primary feature, it is not the only open green space. Residents can find outdoor recreation at many neighbourhood parks. Owl Park and McCarthy Park are two of the largest, and McCarthy Park offers a skating rink in the winter.

Hunt Club Amenities

  • Public transportation via six neighbourhood OC Transpo routes
  • T&T Asian Supermarket, the largest Asian market in Ottawa
  • Towngate Mall shopping plaza
  • Hiking and biking in Sawmill Creek Wetlands

Redwood Park

Tucked away on the west end of Ottawa in the Nepean District, Redwood Park is bordered by Greenbank Road, Morrison Drive, Highway 417, and Baseline Road. The vast majority of properties in this neighbourhood are townhomes and condos, built in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Townhome prices in Redwood Park range primarily from the mid-$300s to the mid-$400s.

Redwood Park has its own business park. Here, residents can find small offices and businesses, as well as Everest College and Lee Valley Tools. It also has several recreational facilities, including Nanaimo Park, Qualicum Park, and Morrison Park. The neighbourhood does not have its own dining options, but it is across the street from Big Rig Kitchen & Brewery and Milano Pizzeria, two popular dining locations.

Navigating Redwood Park is simple due to its access to Ottawa’s public transit system, but the neighbourhood is not considered walkable. Getting around the rest of Ottawa is convenient, with two highways nearby.

Redwood Park Amenities

  • Close to Highway 416 and Highway 417
  • Around 20 bus lines serving the neighbourhood
  • Queensway Carleton Hospital on the western edge
  • Across from IKEA Ottawa


Greenboro is a community at the south end of Ottawa. It is smaller and has fewer business districts, making it primarily residential. Homes in Greenboro are primarily townhomes, and prices typically fall from the $400s to the $600s. 

Though Greenboro is primarily known for its residential properties, it does have small, locally owned shops. There are also nearby chain shops. O’Grady’s Outpost is a popular local place to dine, and it provides the atmosphere of a neighbourhood pub scene. This restaurant is known for its wings and poutine.

Greenboro is surrounded by green space. Firefly Park, Winterview Park, Greenboro Park, and Hunt Club Gate Park are all located nearby. These spots provide space for playgrounds, sports courts, dog runs, and walking trails.

Many of the events and activities in Greenboro take place at the Greenboro Community Centre, which houses meeting spaces, a full-size gymnasium, fitness studios, and classrooms. It is also home to the Greenboro District Library. Outdoors, it boasts sports fields, a wading pool, and a playground. This combination of indoor and outdoor options means the centre is perfect for year-round activities.

Greenboro Amenities

  • Southside Tap and Grill is nearby
  • Across from Southgate Shopping Centre
  • Just five kilometres to Ottawa International Airport
  • Located 10 kilometres from The Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus

Where to Find Cheap Houses in Ottawa

Where Are Ottawa's Affordable Homes?

Single-family homes are common throughout Ottawa, but their prices span a significant range. Those shopping for affordable properties can expect to pay between the low $400s and the mid-$700s for a home. Some neighbourhoods tend to have more affordable housing prices than others, making these a good place to look when shopping on a limited budget.


Located south of Rockcliffe Park, Vanier is a neighbourhood with a small footprint and a large population density. It offers affordable single-family homes and condos as well. Homes in Vanier are generally priced from the $200s to the $600s.

This neighbourhood has its roots in the Franco-Ontarian culture, and at one time, it was primarily a French-speaking neighbourhood. The building of the Rideau Canal in 1826 led to development around the region, and by 1869, a neighbourhood named Eastview emerged. It was home to many of the first French-speaking businesses in the region as well. One hundred years later, in 1969, the community was renamed Vanier after former Governor General Georges P. Vanier. It stood as an independent city until 2001, when it merged with Ottawa.

Its location close to downtown puts it within walking distance of most of the jobs in Ottawa, along with neighbourhood grocery stores and specialty boutiques. Many of these sit along Montreal Road and Beechwood Avenue. A popular local shop is Rafetna, which sells African handmade art and clothing. Optimiste Park hosts the Beechwood Market, a local farmer’s market in the summer months.

There are plenty of dining options in Vanier, and many cultures are represented. Sundae School is a favourite, offering sundaes with whimsical toppings to satisfy any sweet tooth. Habesha serves Ethiopian food, and Indian Affair Takeout serves Indian cuisine.

Vanier Amenities

  • 35 murals depicting the neighbourhood's history
  • Vanier Museopark, an outdoor park and history museum
  • East Feast street festival each September
  • Hiking and biking on the 12-kilometre recreational path on the Rideau River

Lower Town

Bordered by the Ottawa River, Rideau Canal, and Rideau Street, Lower Town is one of Ottawa's oldest parts. This neighbourhood has both residential and commercial areas and many new housing developments. Despite its recent growth, it continues to offer affordable housing options, including single-family and condo homes.

Lower Town—often mentioned among Ottawa’s best neighbourhoods—is proud of its history, and many historically designated buildings still stand today. It is designed to be highly walkable and is close to the ByWard Market, which provides shopping and dining options. One of the most popular is the Lowertown Brewery, which is part of the ByWard Market and serves smoked meats, flatbreads, and cocktails. The Brig Pub, also in the ByWard Market, is known for its extensive late-night menu.

Lower Town is conveniently located close to downtown Ottawa. It is also close to the University of Ottawa—one of the most well-known schools in Ottawa—and the Ottawa International Airport. Residents can reach the airport in less than 30 minutes on average. In addition, the area has four OC Transpo bus routes that service it.

Lower Town Amenities

  • Shopping at the Rideau Centre, Ottawa’s premiere shopping area
  • Multiple parks for recreation, including MacDonald Gardens and Besserer Park
  • A branch of the Ottawa Public Library
  • Community programs at Lowertown Community Resource Centre

Economical Ottawa Awaits

Choosing an affordable neighbourhood in Ottawa can significantly enhance your living experience in this vibrant city. By focusing on what matters most to you, such as community amenities, transportation, and local services, you can find a great place to call home without stretching your budget. Explore these affordable options and see how you can reduce your cost of living in Ottawa, making the experience both enjoyable and economical. Make your move to Ottawa with confidence, knowing you've chosen a neighbourhood that fits your lifestyle and financial goals.

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