Making More Space: 4 Clever Condo Design Ideas For a More Spacious Home

How to Maximize Space in a Condo

Condo living offers many advantages, but excess living space is rarely seen as one of them. Less square footage doesn't have to be a bad thing, though. Living in a condo is all about simplicity, from comparatively low costs of condos for sale to ample amenities and ideal locations with short commutes. Condos can be better than single-family homes because the reduced space makes them easier and cheaper to maintain. Furthermore, there are many tricks that can make a small space as large and welcoming as any house. Living comfortably in a small space means maximizing everything you can. Use these handy small space tips to keep any space from feeling cramped.

Upgrade the Storage

Keeping items out of sight means a more open, less cluttered space. Look for enclosed options such as storage ottomans to keep items handy but out of the way. Deep baskets can keep items corralled but easily accessible. High shelves a couple of feet below the ceiling can be a great way to display loved objects without them getting in the way.

Don't be afraid to try out-of-the-box storage options. Unstuffed cushion or cloth ottoman covers can be filled with out-of-season clothes and linens, then arranged in your space. The pillows can add eye appeal while keeping unneeded items out of the way.

Also, look to the possibilities of convertible furniture, as well, to maximize space. The futon has come of age and no longer looks like dorm furniture. Newer upholstered designs look sophisticated and modern. They can be an excellent option for multipurpose spaces, such as a +1 that you use as an office and guest room.

Don't forget the possibilities of folding stools and Murphy beds that can be lowered when used and folded away until they are needed again. This frees up a lot of real estate for other activities during the day.

You also should not forget that you do not have to display everything you own at once. Instead, switch out displays throughout the year. A collector might display three or four favourite items simultaneously instead of putting out their entire collection. What's not on display can be kept in closed cabinets or storage shelves. Bring out new items regularly, so you see your stuff with fresh eyes throughout the year.

Let the Sunshine In

The Brighter a Room The Bigger it Seems

The brighter a room, the more open and airy it will look. Don't rely on a single overhead fixture for the light in the room. This will cast shadows that make the space feel dark. Instead, use various light sources to keep the room warm and bright. Finding the right balance between natural light and shade will also help make your home more energy efficient.

For instance, a living room could be lit with a chandelier above, then accented with sconce lighting above and table lamps in each seating area. Floor lamps can bright light into a room in areas where there is not an existing fixture. Pay attention to the quality of light, as well. Blue-tinged lighting can feel harsh and artificial. Warm lighting is inviting and restful. The best choices are lights that reflect the spectrum of colours you get from natural light.

Opt for shades that allow light inside a condo with many windows. Make sure that blinds can be adjusted to let in daylight while protecting privacy. Good quality blackout curtains can be closed when needed for sleep, then opened during the day to provide well-lit space. Light can also be enhanced with mirrors. Add mirrors near artificial lighting to bounce the light into other areas of the room. Carefully positioned mirrors can also bring natural outdoor light into dark spaces.

Choose the Right Colors

New paint is always one of the best home improvements, and it can do a lot to increase the look and feel of your condo. The traditional wisdom is that pale colours like white and cream make a space look bigger. It is true that the lighter a space is, the larger it will look. However, this doesn't mean you have to limit yourself to shades of white and taupe.

Pale yellow tones can make a room look warmer and brighter. Pair with details like wood trim and terra cotta floor tiles to enhance the bright, inviting look. Dark colours recede from the eye, which can create the illusion of a larger space. This can be particularly effective when applied to walls, ceilings and baseboards. Deep blues, for instance, can make a wall look farther away, particularly when paired with light-coloured accents and wall art. A deep, cool grey disappears into the background, letting other aspects of the room take center stage.

Look at examples online to see which looks suit your personal aesthetic best. By customizing a look to fit your sense of style, you can create a space that makes you happy while also making it more extensive and comfortable. The paint finish makes a difference, as well. Choose finishes that are slightly luminous or glossy. These will capture additional light and make a room feel more open and well-lit.

Look Up & Design Vertically

The more you can get off the floor, the more space the room will have. Instead of bookshelves that stand on the floor, consider floating shelves mounted throughout the room. These can put interesting keepsakes and accessories at eye level without sacrificing floor space.

Don't be afraid to go up when arranging art on your walls. A gallery wall that starts low but includes artwork on the ceilings will draw the eye up and make a space feel larger.

Many items can be hung from the ceiling to use a small space better. Think of hanging light fixtures in place of table or floor lamps. Choose those that hangs a few feet from the ceiling instead of being mounted against it. This will lower the light a bit to change how the shadows fall. Hanging fruit baskets and shelves can provide storage and eye appeal while using space efficiently.

Design Your Condo With Room to Grow

There are several design choices that can maximize space to make it feel larger and more comfortable. Experiment with a few options to see which works best for you. Over time, you can create a space that is all your own while keeping it warm, inviting, and spacious.

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